5 Ways To Tell If He Really IS In Love With You

    Are You Waiting For Him To Drop The ‘L’ Word?

    So things seem to be going really well, and you have been going out for a while. Are you starting to look for the ‘L’ word to spring off his lips?
    The thing you need to understand about your man is that he won’t be saying it until he is really, really certain he wants to.

    The up side of this though is that when he IS ready, he will start and let you know in some subtle ways that he is trying to find out if you are thinking the same way too.
    Now all men are different, and not all men will use all of the behaviours listed below. But….. you will know you have hit the jackpot if a few of the items below start happening in your relationship.

    Clues That Mean He’s Testing Your Reactions:

    “L’ Word Giveaway #1: He Treats You Like a Goddess!

    If your man is protective of you and treats you like his special princess, it his way of being caring and attentive. Liken him back to a knight in the days of old. He wants to care for you and protect you. This is a true sign of a man in love.

    “L”Word Giveaway #2: He Shares Very Private Things With You

    Men are well known for having difficulty in sharing their very private experiences. If he starts sharing how he feels, begins to talk about very private memories or tells you about some of the important experiences in his life, it is a very good sign that he is overcoming his sense of feeling vulnerable.

    Be careful though. If this happens very early on in your relationship it is not the same thing. However, its pretty safe to say that if he does these thing three to six months into being together then he is clearly falling in love with you!

    What sort of things might he talk about with you? He may share past romances or break ups with you. He may tell you about his childhood and things that happen in his family life. He quite probably will share his dreams for the future and his goals for his life. All of these things are a very good sign that he trusts you. You should feel very lucky when these things start to happen, as this is a major milestone in the ‘L’ word journey.

    ‘L’ Word Giveaway #3: The ‘L’ Word Starts Appearing In His Conversation.

    Most women hope that their man will come out and say the Love word directly, but before that happens you will often find he simply starts slipping the “L” word into random conversations!
    He may not say it to you, but you will find him saying things like “I love pizza” or I love spending time with you”.

    If you find that the ‘L’ word is popping into your conversations in very random ways, it’s a great sign that the real “I Love You” is not far away!

    ‘L’ Word Giveaway #4- – He Is Constantly In Touch

    Does he call you often, or send you text messages at all hours of the day? Men who fall in love find themselves wanting to be in contact with their woman frequently. So if his texts, calls and emails are always getting your attention it’s a good sign that the ‘L’ word is on its way.

    L’ Word Giveaway #5 – He Dos Things Outside His Comfort Zone When He’s With You

    Men who are with the woman they love go out of their way to do the things she likes to do, even though they may secretly hate doing it!
    If you are interested in yoga and meditation for example, and he suddenly takes a great interest rather than watching the football, you will know he is getting hooked on you. He does things you like because he is smitten with you.

    When It Comes To Men and The ‘L” Word, Actions Really Do Speak Louder Than Words

    When you find yourself falling deeply for your guy the thing you need to remember is that his actions may speak louder than his words.

    The tips we have just talked about are your way of knowing how he’s feeling. They are his clues to let you know he’s working up to putting his love into words. If you let him work through this process at his own speed you will give his love time to grow and strengthen. Once it does you will certainly know he loves you and you will never have to question his feelings again.

    Finally, When he does say the three little words you want to hear:

    If He says “I Love You” he will be speaking the truth and you need to believe it. After waiting so long you may think he’s got another motive, but for the majority of men it’s a huge statement that they do not make lightly. If he says it to you, believe it! Congratulations on your journey together!