Dating Tips For The 21st Century Woman

    Is Your Dating Life Not As Great As You Want It To Be?

    Dating in the 21st Century can be a bit of a challenge, especially with all the different roles women play each day in our fast paced society.

    Do you struggle every time you get asked out because you don’t feel confident, even though everyone else around you makes it look so easy. Have you gone through a breakup or a divorce and just don’t know how to get back into the dating game again?

    Things in the dating world have changed with technology, but there are still some very basic ways you can rev up your dating life again and it can happen faster than the speed of light!

    6 Timeless Dating Tips That Can Make you Feel Good About Dating Again:

    1. Establish A Look That Makes You Feel Really Good About Yourself

    There is great value in an old fashioned ‘makeover” and it can be great fun too. Try a new hairstyle and put extra effort into your grooming.

    If you are only just starting back in the dating scene again, invest in a new wardrobe of clothes that help you look good but more importantly make you feel great. When you know you look good you automatically feel more confident and have an inner sense of feeling great.

    2. Decide What You Want And Stick To It:

    It’s a simple concept but make sure you know exactly what you want from dating and stick to it. If you are wanting a long term relationship it does not make sense to hop between the sheets with the first man that asks you to.

    Of course if you are only seeking something casual, don’t get caught up with a man looking for something deep and meaningful. That can only lead to difficulties and sadness.

    3. Don’t Get Obsessive About Things That Don’t Really Matter

    As the phrase goes “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff!”. You have to recognize that sometimes things just won’t go to plan. Worried you didn’t get chance to go to the beauty parlor before your date? Don’t sweat it. Un-waxed eyebrows won’t worry your man, but your worry over it may just distract you enough to spoil a really wonderful date.

    Equally, how will you even appreciate your date’s company if you spend your evening worrying because you spilled a drop of wine on the table cloth and you don’t want your date to think you are a klutz?

    Truth is that you are both getting used to each other and he is probably just as unsure of himself as you are. Don’t get caught up in the small things, its just a wasted opportunity to enjoy yourself if you do!

    4. If You Are Looking To Meet Someone- Put Yourself Where They Are Likely to Be

    You need to get out and about to meet men, but where you look for them will influence who you meet.
    Bars and clubs are a great venue for finding short term romance, but its most likely that men looking for a deeper relationship will not be looking for their ideal partner in those places. Of course bars and clubs may be perfect if you are looking for something casual.
    Equally, you are more likely to meet your long term guy in somewhere more meaningful like a sports club, or a church potluck for example.
    When you want to meet the right man, put yourself where he’s most likely to be. Truth is, you want to meet men and that simply won’t happen till you put yourself out there.

    5.Take Time Out To Love Yourself

    In the 21st century we tend to have a sense of instant gratification and expect things to come easily and very fast.
    One thing modern day women seem to skip is the idea that they need to love and nurture themselves. Taking time out to gain a sense of who you are, and loving yourself for it, sends subconscious signals of confidence to today’s modern men. A confidant, strong woman in today’s world is certainly worth dating!

    6. Invest In A Little Lacy Lingerie!

    Now don’t get me wrong! Im not suggesting you do that because you are going to jump into bed with the first man who comes your way, BUT wearing sexy stuff makes you feel great. Feeling great automatically improves your self esteem and men of today certainly notice that! (call it the lightning fast fashion tip that makes you feel great in a heartbeat!)
    Wearing your lacies under your clothing has the immediate effect of you feel sexier and more romantic. Men have a sixth sense about sexy women…he’s sure to notice!

    Its Important To Remember That 21st Century Men Struggle With Dating Too!

    If you think you are alone in this modern world of dating, think again! You may be feeling overwhelmed, but truth is 21st century men are just as uncomfortable.

    The very best advice for today’s 21st Century woman is to be cool and not look and act over eager. Make sure you understand exactly what YOU want in a relationship and have the determination to pursue it.

    By feeling and looking great and taking time out to love yourself you will gain the confidence to put yourself out into the dating world and find that perfect man!