Has Your Man Gone Cold? – 6 Reasons Why Men Lose Interest

    Has Your Man Pulled The Disappearing Act?

    Has your really good relationship suddenly got a little cooler than you would like? Have his texts, calls and emails slowed down to a trickle or a stop? Unfortunately, when your man behaves like this it is all too often because he’s gone cold on your relationship and lost interest in you.

    So why does this happen when things seemed so good between you, and how can you prevent this from happening again with someone else?

    6 Big Reasons Men Lose Interest:

    1.You have given him signals that you are too available

    Its very important in a relationship that you still keep your own life and that you appear a strong, confidant women.

    If you act too clingy or are too accommodating men feel a little trapped by the intensity of it all.

    Ask yourself honestly if you did any of the following:
    • Went to bed with him too soon just to please him
    • Used The ‘L’ word before he was ready
    • Text bombed him constantly
    • Dropped everything you were doing because he called and wanted to see you

    Not having your own life from his is a terrible idea and will make him run for the hills as fast as his legs can carry him. Always keep a little mystery in your life and keep him guessing.

    Independence is a great thing and you will find it will draw him to you not push him away

    2. He may not be at the same stage in the relationship as you are.

    Believe it or not this is one of the main factors in why men pull away. This does not mean you can’t have a long term relationship with men, but it does mean that you need to make sure that you are both on the same page. Is he wanting the same things as you?

    To put it simply, decide what you want from a relationship, then only date men who want the same thing.

    If you have treated your relationship like its something way deeper than he thinks, try giving him his space and playing cool for a while. You will soon know if he wants to have something more special with you. If not, you need to move on.

    3.The Chemistry Just Isn’t Right Between The Two Of You

    You know you both felt a spark when you both started dating right? Unfortunately though, sometimes those sparks fizzle out and the initial attraction does not turn into the fantastic chemistry that you both desire.

    Thing is, sometimes he realizes it first. In this case, his withdrawal from you is a sign he’s lost interest.

    When it comes to the chemistry of love, its either there…or it isn’t! Don’t beat yourself up about this, its simply time to move on and find someone who truly lights your fire!

    4. You have really hurt his feelings but you won’t admit it

    Its important to remember that no one ever said relationships were easy. Its easy to hurt his feelings and make mistakes in relationships and it is something we are all guilty of.

    What is important though is that you own your mistake if you made it. Try and look back at what you have said and done recently that could have upset your man. Try and look at your actions truthfully and when you find something that clearly you did wrong, own your actions and tell him sincerely that you are sorry.

    Asking your man to forgive you is obviously the right way to approach this problem, and truth is, if he’s gone cold on you because of this, its not going to get better until you do.

    5. You have scared him with your neediness

    Men have an inner need to love and protect and your man loves to feel needed. What he does not need is to feel imprisoned by your constant cries for attention, especially if its for things you can easily handle by yourself.

    Its that need for you to keep a little mystery in your day that will keep him loving you. Live your life without continually calling and texting him, especially when he’s at work or out with his friends. Being a strong independent woman goes a long way in keeping your 21st century man by your side.

    6. There could be someone else.

    Unfortunately, this situation happens too often these days. He may have found someone else and his distance may be because he is too weak to tell you to your face.

    Try and stay cool about this if you want him back, but remember he’s the one who betrayed you, so don’t try too hard to win him back. If he’s acted like this now there is usually no point in trying to make him your forever man.

    Men Can Be Extremely Difficult To Understand

    In the 21st century, it seems that the cold shoulder or the slow goodbye is much more common than it was in days gone by. These days, technology like your smart phone, makes it so much easier for men to cool down from a relationship and keep the other partner at a distance. Texts and emails are so much easier than telling you face to face that he’s just not into you any more.

    Remember through all of this you are awesome and deserve someone who will love you properly. Relationships fail for many reasons and truth is, often you will be much better off in the long run to just move on.

    Of course, sometimes guys just need space. Sometimes they were with the right person all along, they just did not realize it at the time. Men can be such fools about love.