How Clever Women Get Their Ex Back- For Good!

    Breakups Take A  Lot Out Of A Woman

    A woman is affected by a breakup on so many levels that include swinging emotions, a sense of grief and often devastating heartbreak.

    Its only natural then that often her thoughts start to turn towards ways to get back with her man because getting back together will end all the pain and get things back to the way they were.

    Is this you? Are you going through a breakup and just want things to stop and get back to they way they used to be?

    The good news is that if you really do want to win him back there are some simple things you can do that will make him want to be back in your arms again more devoted to you than ever.

    The Top 5 Things You Can Do To Save Your Relationship:

    1.He Probably Won’t Expect You To Agree With The Break Up

    While one of the best strategies you can use is not to contact your ex when you first break up, it is certainly a good strategy to send him a short note saying that you agree you both need a break and that it is a good thing. This will definitely take him by surprise as he won’t be expecting you to do that.

    If you can write the note in a formal, detached way saying you wish only the best for him. Stay mysterious, do not put any of your heart into the what you right. You will find that wishing him well will trigger thoughts of your well being in him also,

    Most men expect women to go a little crazy when they break up with him. When you stay cool and focused it sends a message that he really should not have let you go.

    2. Act The Way You Did When You First Met Him

    Try and remember how you used to act when you first met and you were both a little uncertain of each other. It’s a big mistake to try and get your ex back by simply picking up your relationship at the point you were at when you broke up.

    Trying to pick up the pieces at the point where it all fell apart simply reminds him of the reasons he broke up with you and all the emotion and pain that brought.

    The best strategy is to treat him the way you did when you first dating him. Remember how you kept a little mysterious and always tried to look hot and desirable? Doing that now is more important now than it was then if you want him to want you back in his life again.

    3. Make Him Realize Just How Much He Misses You

    One way that is certain to cause your man to want you back is for him to feel the pangs of missing you. This is why it is really important that you have absolutely no contact with him. This means no calls or emails…or accidentally on purpose bumping into him in the places where you know he will hang out!

    He needs space to realize how much he misses you, especially when it looks like you have gotten over him and a living a great life without him!

    Don’t text bomb him or live is voice mail full of voice messages. Don’t send him piles of emails that fill his email in box. Simply stay quiet and let him feel your absence in his life.

    Once he realizes you don’t need to contact him to be happy he will certainly decide to pick up the phone and start up things again.

    This technique of a non contact period (no matter how hard it may seem) is the initial step that experienced relationship counselors suggest to all women who want to get that ex back and keep him there.

    4. Focus On What You Have To Gain And NOT On What You Have Lost

    When a breakup occurs we get caught up in grief, one of the most negative emotions we can experience. In fact that grief is just so painful that all we can think about is stopping the pain, and that usually means getting things back to how they used to be.

    A better way to handle this is to look at this from a positive attitude. Try to see the bigger picture and you will find that you are able to deal with grief much better,

    See having a break from your ex as a good thing. See it as a time for both of you to reset your relationship. Time apart allows you to both ‘reboot’ what you had, When you get back together your time apart will have helped you grow and have so much to give.

    5.Create An Awesome Life For Yourself That Does Not Include Him

    Are you guilty of being clingy or too dependent on your ex? Perhaps your dependence on him was so intense that it put pressure on him because he felt that he was the only thing in your life that made you happy? This could have just been too much responsibility and a burden he felt he could not live with.

    Try and live your life for just you as you did before you were with your ex. Try not to live for the you that was part of a couple. This way, when he sees you happy and independent of him he will realize that the pressure he was feeling to create your happiness is not all his responsibility.

    Being Able To Win Your Ex Back Is Much Easier Than Most Women Believe.

    It is possible to get back together with someone you have had a relationship with before and if you do it right your man will be more committed to you than ever.

    Understand why you broke up in the first place and use your knowledge of his likes and dislikes to make him miss you and want you back. You already have a history with this man, you have shared lots of caring and  chemistry with him. Use all these factors to make him miss you and want you back in his life more than ever.