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The Infatuation Scripts – Your Key To A Committed Relationship


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In your dreams have you ever imagined a man so into being with you, that all he ever does is think of you?

The Infatuation Scripts  are your trigger erasing thoughts of all other women from his mind,so that you are the only women he wants to be around.

Is he with someone else? The Infatuation Scripts can so get into his mind that they will work even if
hes with another woman.

Even more, if he’s share of being in a committed relationship, or has been burned before, the Infatuation Scripts will work to having him totally
hooked on you and you alone.

Here’s a quick overview of what you will learn in the Infatuation Scripts:

Independence Scripts: Here you learn what to say to signal you are not easy to win, spiking his inner desire to chase after you full on

Intrigue Scripts: These scripts are designed to get his attention so that he becomes focussed on finding out all he can about you

Cliffhanger scripts: How to leave him hanging when you have been talking,making his desperately want to see you again

Barrier Scripts: How to set barriers that let you tell him you are totally in to him without playing games and keeping control of the relationship (Knowing you’re into him but he can’t fully possess you creates feelings of “romantic tension” inside him which make him feel like the two of you are in the middle of a love story)

Curveball Scripts: Curveballs help you create an air of mystery that men love about women. It will make him even more curious about you because he really does not have you figured oout.

Shaping Scripts: These make him try harder and harder to win you over so that he becomes so infatuated he has a sense of real investment in you

Temptation Scripts: These can stir a man so much he can hardly stand the heat! Make him really work hard and pursue you despite the challenges. He will want you so bad he can hardly stand it!

“Interested-but-not-sold” Scripts: If you want to send him into full infatuation mode, these are the scripts you will use. You hit that he has a chance with you– but that he has to WORK to win you over . And boy do they work!

Urgency Scripts: Signals which let him know he has to act fast or he will lose the chance to have you. These are amazingly fast acting scripts..be ready!

Welcome To The Infatuation Scripts

Once you deploy these scripts, the feedback will be quick! In fact, the change in him will be so dramatic you will literally watch him falling in love with you!

Once you see how hooked he is on you, your confidence will soar..and men just love confident women!

He does not stand a chance!

Want to learn more? Click the video below:

The Infatuation Scripts - Your Key To A Committed Relationship
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The Infatuation Scripts - Your Key To A Committed Relationship
Use The Infatuation Scripts to stop him thinking of all other women.Learn how to erase them from his mind and become the only women he wants to be around.
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Successful Romance
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