What Attracts Men To Women?

    Men Can Be So Hard To Understand Sometimes!

    Have you ever wondered what goes on inside a man’s head and what attracts him to a certain type of woman?

    Common sense says that all men are different (thank goodness!) BUT there are certain common traits that men in general find turns them on about women. Some of these are pretty obvious but others require time to nurture.

    Obviously, if you can understand these attraction factors from the beginning you can use them to your advantage. Sustaining his attraction to you is the key to keeping your relationship on the boil and satisfying for you both.

    Key Points That Attract Men To Women

    1.Men love beautiful women

    Now don’t take a big sigh and tell me that you are not beautiful! As the old saying goes ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. And what is beautiful to one man is not always the same to how another man defines beauty.

    Men love to have an attractive woman beside their sides and if a beautiful woman happens to pay a man attention they are immediately attracted to them. Someone who looks hot certainly gets their attention.

    Now this does not mean you need to look like a supermodel. What it does mean is you should make sure you always look good around them man you would like to be attracted to you. Men can’t help themselves…..attraction is always in play.

    2. Men love a woman who will forgive him easily

    Men just cannot handle nagging women. Men really appreciate a woman who does not make a scene when he does something wrong, and they really love it when a woman easily accepts their apology or forgives quickly.

    Men need to know that their woman will not continually bring up the small stuff. Their ideal woman will be easy to be with and not act like a drama queen every time something does not go to plan.

    This truly is a secret to long happy relationships, no matter how old you are. Being an understanding and forgiving partner will simply cement his attraction to you.

    3. Men like to feel good when they are with a woman.

    If you can make your man always feel good when he’s around you, you will increase the attraction he feels for you immensely. Obviously, other woman may also make him feel great and he will feel a sense of attraction to them also when he’s around them, but if you are his partner and he knows he can count on you to always make him feel good, he is yours for life!

    Great ways to make your man feel good is to respect him, compliment him and not become over dramatic when things don’t always turn out the right way.

    Making your man feel good when he is around you pushes his attraction level upwards each time you are together, making him want to be with you more and more.

    4. Men find a confidant woman very sexy

    Think for a minute how attracted you are to a man who is strong and confidant. You love that in a man right?
    In the same way, men love women who know their own minds and show confidence and strength

    Men find it very very sexy when a woman is happy in her own skin and not afraid to say what she thinks or care what other people think of her. Make sure your confidence is real though or your man will see right through you and be turned off.

    5.Woman who smile a lot are extremely attractive to men

    A smile can mean a million things and many women just do not understand how much it can attract a man to her.

    Smiles are reassuring, they let men know how you feel about them and the world around you. Women who smile are seen as happy, confident pretty and quick to forgive..all of the things we have discussed in the points above.

    Do not underestimate the power of your smile. It is one of the most important tools you have to attract the man of your dreams.

    Don’t Overthink How Attraction Works In Men

    If you try to overthink what is working in a man’s mind so you can attract him, your plan may just back fire.

    Men really are not that difficult to understand, especially when you know what motivates them.

    Try and put the five points above into practice. Try to smile more, look good without forcing it, forgive things without causing a drama and don’t get too clingy. Putting all these points into action are sure to fuel the fires of attraction in your man.