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Why Men Lie-7 Big Reasons For His Bad Behavior

    Are You Trying To Understand Why Men Lie?

    If you are a woman then you know that trust is possibly more important to you than any other aspect of your relationship.  Men see it different. This is why men lie.

    For most women, if they know that they can trust their partner, they feel that any other problems that arise in their relationship they can deal with it. BUT break a woman’s sense of trust and the relationship will be in deep, deep trouble in her eyes.

    Trouble is though that men will lie, and lying is something we women find very hard to handle. What women need to understand is that men have a multitude of reasons why they lie. Understanding these reasons is a powerful thing for women to learn. If you know why a man lies you may be able to find ways to work around it and understand your man more.

    Even more importantly, you may be able to avoid the deep hurt and sense of betrayal that lying can trigger. It may even mean you can avoid the disagreements and all out fights that a man who tells untruths can bring to a relationship.

    7 Reasons That Explain Why Men Tell Lies:

    1.Because He Wants To Avoid Arguing With You

    In a weird way, men think that they are “helping” their relationship if they can tell a lie to avoid a fight. Sometimes it may be something as innocent as answering a question untruthfully because he thinks its better to tell you what you want to hear..instead of the truth.

    Think about it! How would you react if you asked him if your butt looked big in your new pair of designer jeans and he answered “Yes!”

    In his eyes there are some things he needs to lie about little realizing that all lies are bad in a woman’s eyes. Some things he knows he just cant win he lies…and dodges a silver bullet!

    2. His Ego Gets In The Way

    It’s a male thing to want to be the best at everything in your eyes. Unfortunately this can lead to not admitting he is wrong about something and telling a lie to cover up a situation. Often men can be embarrassed about something they have done because they do not want to seem a lesser person in your eyes.

    Always remember many men have difficulty expressing their feelings and will opt to cover things up instead of simply admitting an error or mistake.

    3. Men like to look “Big” in front of other men

    From lying about how much they earn to how many times a week they have sex, men like to exaggerate and tell lies to each other in order to make themselves look good, especially  in front of his friends and associates.

    It gets even worse if you are around and you hear him tell lies to his friends in front of you. For instance, you could be out with friends and he could blurt out something totally untrue like ”I’ve been out jogging every morning at 6am as part of my fitness routine”…..when you know for a fact he’s been snuggled up in bed till the last minute before he has to leave for work!

    4. Because he wants to avoid doing something

    Men can be like little children sometimes when it comes to doing routine things they promised to do. Be prepared for little white lies about doing chores or starting a new project..especially if the football happens to be on TV!

    Women do this too of course.. “No sorry, I can’t do that ..I have to wash my hair tonight!”

    5. Sometimes its just to easy to get away with it!

    If a man knows it’s a lie you just cannot check up on…like he was the best athlete in his class for example, in his mind this is a safe lie to tell. It makes him feel good, and he knows he won’t get caught out because it’s the sort of claim you aren’t going to check.

    Its another way your man massages his fragile ego!

    6.He can’t face how you will react if he tells you the truth

    Men have the inner fear that all women react to lying the same way…..that they go psycho!

    Now while psycho chic may seem tempting to you if you discover a big problem or lie, confronting him with yelling and screaming will only confirm his biggest fear.

    If you want him to fess up to something he knows is going to upset you, try and set the groundwork for good communication by having a cool, controlled attitude all the time. This will help him feel he can be totally honest without having to endure a screaming match and tears.

    7.Because He does not really love you any more.

    Frequent lies are a sign that he may be falling out of love with you. It’s a sad, but true fact that lying is a common sign of a failing relationship.

    A man pulling away tells more and more frequent lies, often hoping that it will get to you so much that you will break things off…and save him having to be the one who starts to initiate the break.

    What This All Means:

    Most of the time, men tell lies because they don’t want to hurt your feelings or to avoid conflict. Men are not as emotionally charged as women and they don’t always see the value in absolute honesty, especialy if the truth will hurt you.

    However, when you understand the reasons why he may be telling a fib, you may be able to preempt the fights and arguments that his lies can cause by simply staying calm and trying to discuss whats going on. If he knows you are approachable , his temptation to lie and avoid the truth may just disappear.

    Look, its saying the obvious but men are very different to women in many ways,  including how they approach telling you about stuff that may upset you.. The secret is to understand how he ticks and how his mind works may surprise you just how differently men think about many things.

    Want to know more? Check Out This Excellent Video called      “THATS NOT HOW MEN WORK!”

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    Why Men Lie-7 Big Reasons For His Bad Behavior
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    Are You Trying To Understand Why Men Lie?If you are a woman then you know that trust is possibly more important to you than anything. So why does he lie?
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